siɡə'ret, ](American) 'siɡəret
noun (a tube of finely cut tobacco rolled in thin paper.) cigarro
cigarette n cigarro / cigarrillo
1 cigarrillo
cigarette butt / cigarette end colilla
cigarette case pitillera
cigarette holder boquilla
cigarette lighter encendedor nombre masculino, mechero
cigarette paper papel nombre masculino de fumar
cigarette [.sɪgə'rt, 'sɪgə.rt] n
: cigarrillo m, cigarro m
cigarrillo s.m.
cigarro s.m.
papelillo s.m.
pito s.m.
noun cigarrillo m; (before n)

cigarette butt o end — colilla f

cigarette holder — boquilla f

cigarette lighter — encendedor m, mechero m

N cigarrillo m , cigarro m

he had a cigarette — (se) fumó un cigarrillo or cigarro


cigarette ash N — ceniza f de cigarrillo

cigarette burn N — quemadura f de cigarrillo

cigarette butt N — colilla f

cigarette card N — cromo m (coleccionable)

cigarette case N — pitillera f , cigarrera f (LAm)

cigarette end N — colilla f

cigarette holder N — boquilla f

cigarette lighter N — encendedor m , mechero m

cigarette machine N — máquina f de tabaco

cigarette paper N — papel m de fumar

cigarette smoke N — humo m de cigarrillo

* * *
noun cigarrillo m; (before n)

cigarette butt o end — colilla f

cigarette holder — boquilla f

cigarette lighter — encendedor m, mechero m

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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